Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Envoy to resume cruising

 We sold Envoy in late 2019 and her new owners, Larry & Catherine Wood from Queensland, planned to start some cruising in Spring 2020. 

However the world changed in early 2020 with covid and that plan changed along with it. For one thing Greece closed up and pleasure boating was banned and for another Australian residents needed permission to leave their country. This year things have opened up a bit and cruising is allowed once again. Larry contacted me to advise he's finally heading over to the boat in August, planning to stay for about 10 months. He still had to get permission to leave and has this. After getting Envoy operational and back in the water he's planning to do some cruising in Greece and then cruise to Southampton in UK where he'll be basing Envoy. Southampton is where Nordhavn UK are based and they can undertake virtually any type of maintenance required. Also living nearby is one of Larry's close friends who is a competent yachtsman and who will be joining Larry in Greece for the cruise.

Diane & I are really delighted for Larry & Catherine and look forward to following Envoy's progress.

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