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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Lefkas Marina is well situated, being accessed from a canal so not subject to surge or swell, close to Lefkas town and well organised.

At the marina we saw the sad sight of this sterndrive-powered cruiser lying on the hard with its propellers half buried in rubble - probably not going to sea again any time soon.

This reproduction of an old sailing ship was very interesting though

Normally we complete our Med cruising early November, but this year wanted to return home in time for our son’s wedding. We allowed 2 weeks to prepare Envoy to leave for the winter, but could have completed all tasks within 10 days, or even less if we’d started some jobs while still cruising.
Lifting Envoy onto the hardstand for winter storage, we found the hull was in excellent shape as would be expected after only six months in the water.

Envoy being lifted onto the hardstand

Below the waterline including the propellers, was all in good condition with minimal marine growth

I already mentioned some of the end of season technical work in our last posting. and the list continues ...

- Our life jackets had not been tested and certified for at least the time we’ve owned Envoy (six years), so they have all been taken away for checking during winter
- Our Raytheon radar’s protective radome has a crack, temporarily repaired with duct tape. Sailand are going to remove this for inspection and repair or replace it.
- Our painted aluminium mast has a few spots where paint has come off, allowing some minor surface corrosion. These spots were inspected and found to be non-structural, but will be masked off, sanded back and re-painted when we return.
- Before we left Marmaris our Yanmar wing engine’s variable speed generator that provides 120 volt AC current failed, and was removed from the engine. This was made by VST Corporation, Seattle, who is no longer in business. There is severe mechanical damage to the aluminium generator housing, which has “blown apart,” as well as the stator needing to be completely re-wired. This generator was nice to have rather than essential, because we get 120 volt AC current anytime the Lugger engine is running or when using the generator. It can’t replace the generator, as only the generator has sufficient Kw to run the water maker. However using the wing engine at anchor to power the refrigerator and charge the battery banks did give us a reason to regularly run the wing engine. Sailand are looking into this and coming up with a price, but frankly we hadn’t missed it too much. There’s also an argument that the wing engine should be just that; an emergency get-you-home engine, not complicated by having an add-on generator.
- Since we lengthened our stainless steel boarding ladder earlier in the year to make access out of the water easier, there has been more leverage on the ladder causing bending and fracture of the stainless. This will be repaired again, and some extra stainless steel rails welded on to provide more stiffness and rigidity.
- The Lugger’s alternator with noisy bearings has been given to Sailand to recondition.
- One of our two Shurflo domestic fresh water supply pumps failed on the last day of our cruise. This has been removed for repair during the winter.
- Our domestic water heater has some exterior calcification around discharge taps and plumbing. This is difficult to access due to the heater’s cover. Sailand will remove the cover, clean up the calcification, check for leaks and reassemble the unit.
- On Envoy’s foredeck are three hatches. Two acrylic hatches are cracked and need replacement, and all varnished teak surrounds going through the deck need to be stripped back to bare teak and re-varnished.
- Our Whale emergency hand bilge pump’s hose was damaged when it accidentally came into contact with the propeller shaft. This was inspected and can be repaired in-situ during the winter.
- The Salon’s port side windows will have new seals fitted.
- Our smaller RHIB – a Valiant 2.7 metre – needs a repair to the wooden transom which is coming away from the port pontoon. The RHIB was removed to be done during winter, and its Honda 2.3hp outboard also removed for servicing.
- Various vinyl squabs, awnings and covers were removed for repair during winter.
-We had to get a crane in to lift our larger RHIB from Envoy’s boat deck. The Yamaha outboard has some corroding hydraulic pump parts that we’re going to get replaced, as well as getting the engine serviced and a faulty tachometer repaired. The crane was enormous and could probably have lifted Envoy off the ground.

A crane lifts Envoy’s RHIB off the boat deck for servicing during winter

One of our last jobs was to fit and secure Envoy’s full storage cover to provide protection from the winter rain.

Envoy snug for the Greek winter under her full cover

But wait ... there's more - yes the Blog will continue at regular intervals with a roundup of 2012, plans for 2013, and a new subject.